Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Gary, Thank you – great customer service! A. Cara

You Can Have This Too!

Hi Gary, Thank you for the quick email, great service and terrific frames – I now have 45 of them! I sent you a note on the order form but wanted to make sure you received my appreciation. Thanks Again, Rick

Loyalty Defined!

Thanks, Gary! Your reputation for great service is the truth. J.R.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Gary thank you very much!! I like doing business with a person instead of a department! I will purchase more in the future. Cynthia

This Is Personal

Love the frames – they look super have sold an album already will be placing another order soon! My best wishes – Andrea

NYC Retailer Response

Thanks, Gary! Your reputation for great service is the truth. J.R.

This Is True

Gary thank you very much!! I like doing business with a person instead of a department store! I will purchase more in the future. Cynthia

We Agree

Thanks Gary. You and your product are top notch. D. Matthews

Thank you, Sincerely!

Hi Gary; My previous order number was 17027, thank you for the “accumulation” discount! Great product Gary. Thanks Robert C.

Short And Sweet

Hi Gary, Thanks again for the magazine frames. I thought I would send you a few photos for you to see your product at work with a gamer’s touch. Feel free to use these photos as examples in any advertising or on your website if you wish. Everything turned out very well! Even the larger publications look great with the floating effect due to the removal of the matting. Thanks again for the great service. If I need more in the future, I definitely know where to buy from. Sincerely, Aaron

Magazine Frame Review

Thanks, Gary. Got the frames today. This is my second order and I am a very satisfied customer. Your personal note explaining the permanent 10 plus discount is the kind of real customer service that will keep customers like myself that recognize that rare commodity coming back. I shoot magazine covers and this is my seventh to go on the wall. They look great! Better than when they were sitting in a stack on the floor for sure! Keep up the great work. T. Shearer

We Are Appreciative

Hi Gary, Thanks very much for shipping it out so fast. I received the frame today. It’s super easy to use. Thanks again! Patrick

Picture Disc Review

Just received the frame! Thanks!! It’s for a cool magazine cover for my Dad’s birthday next week….he’s totally going to dig it. Appreciate the speedy delivery! D. Tambellini

Good Daughter

Gary, I am just delighted with your product and will promote it. I just love your product and I think you are a great guy. Best, Dr. Liz DiBernardo

Aw Shucks

I like the frames they’re great… I will be ordering more! Thanks for responding so quickly. Thanks from a satisfied customer T. Bell

Comments Across The Board

Gary, Thank you very much for your professionalism, got the frame today and it looks great. Thanks again. Sunil

We Are Pro This Comment

Liked your stuff so much I wrote about it in an article for Cuepoint, Medium’s music magazine. Enjoy.

Feature Article

We received the frames a few days ago and they are great. My son already selected two albums to display…VERTIGO the score and an old holographic ROLLING STONES album. I am sure he will be wanting more! Thanks again Marianne

Framing Collectibles

Hi Gary – My husband has an extensive Beach Boys collection and we are finally going to be able to showcase all the great album covers in our game room!! Thanks for the fast shipping and the GREAT product!! We may even need to order some more – so you may be hearing from us again soon! Thanks – Wendy

Texan Beach Boy

This works for me Gary, thank you very much for your help. We look forward to receiving our awesome Comic Book Frames! Kind Regards, Christie

Not Just Our Album Frames

Thanks so much Gary for the quick response, I really appreciate it…….and of course, only cousin Frank should be played on vinyl! N. Sinatra

Cousin Of A Legend

Hi Gary… Got ’em. Thank you for processing so quickly and the quality packing. The frames are great! I wanted something special and searched the net for same, leading me to your site. Many “THANKS!” again for offering a cool and different way to display album art. Take care out there, Hal

One Hal Of A Guy!

Just got the frame today and I love it. This is exactly what I was looking for. Just placed an order for another 15. Looking forward to getting them. Thank you Stephen M.

Didn’t Make This Up

Awesome, thanks Gary! Glen

Short But Sweet

Hey Gary; You all ROCK! Thanks for the personal attention, you don�t get that much these days. I�m spreading the word on where to get your product with everyone that sees what I�ve done. It�s amazing what stories go along with each album. �I remember where I was when I first heard Peter Frampton Comes Alive!� I get that a lot! Cheers, Pete

Have This In Common?

Hi Gary; Thank you very kindly. I appreciate your attention to my order and for the wonderful service. Robert

Makes It All Worthwhile

Thanks, Gary! You should ask for pictures of what people have done with the frames and post them on your site. I’ll be the first if you like the idea! Cheers, Peter

Good Idea We Like

Good morning Gary, Thank you, I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Yes, please proceed 🙂 Nicole

International Shipping Appoval

Many thanks for your wonderful service, best wishes, Stephen

Thanks Again

Thank you, much appreciated, Stephen

Same Here

Thanks for the follow up. Always a pleasure to do business. Sean

Pleasure Is Ours

Hi Gary, Thanks for the prompt reply. The guy in the office next to me takes longer to answer anything!! Yes 12 would be good. Don’t have my card with me but I am sure nothing has changed so fire away. Look forward to their arrival. Cheers Sean


Thank you so much! Roxanne

Every One Counts

Thanks Gary for your great product and service! Carrie

Try To Be Consistent

Thanks, Gary; you’ve been a gentleman. Jeffrey B.

You Called Me That?

Thanks for everything, Gary. I’m looking forward to recommending your company to friends and family. Sincerely, Katie

We Are Too

Thanks so much, Gary, and please let me know how I can be a testimony to your impeccable customer service. Sincerely, Katie

This Is How Katie

And you are really on my walls Gary. I will mention your product one of these days on the music segment I do on a local radio show. They were what I was hoping when I ordered and I’ll make sure to tell our audience about them. Thanks, KJR

Radio Worthy

Thank you much! Pablo

Your Welcome Much

My grandma Arlene ordered one of these for me. These are perfect for my favorite Sports Illustrated magazines I have saved. Can’t wait to get these and see them all hung up. Thanks! Marty

Grandma Knows Best

Hi, Gary! I received my order today and please forgive my exuberance, but holy crap! These frames are much, much nicer than what I thought I was getting. I watched your instruction video a number of times and did more than a bit of poking around on your web site before I ordered, but nothing I viewed prepared me for the quality and artistic lines of the plexiglass and matting. It might be a fine detail, but the white edging along the inner portion of the matting is a beautiful touch. I didn’t even notice it until I framed my first LP (Beatles – Let It Be). These are beautiful! From a business standpoint, may I say that reducing my cost for the picture disk was a very nice thing to do. The hand-written note inside the contents made me feel like you knew me and was a great personal touch. The packaging itself kept everything tightly bundled and protected. There is a sheet of plexiglass, small in size and plastic wrapped, on top of the invoice. I can’t find any instructions for its use, so I’m guessing it may have been to shield the instructions and invoice itself. Lastly, getting a discount applied to future orders was unexpected and welcomed. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more, but I needed to get this first group up on my walls to get a feel for the spacing. I couldn’t possibly tell anyone how to run their business and wouldn’t try, but I’m very relationship-based in everything I do. And I know excellent customer service when I see or receive it. Your web site really was quite convincing and I felt confident I was paying for a premium product. It was just better than I expected, so my encouragement is to stick to your business model and keep it personalized. As a musician and guitar teacher I put a personal touch to everything I do. Talking to folks I’ve never met during my performances, dedicating songs to their infants, etc. It comes natural to me and I’m blessed to make those kinds of connections. As such, I quickly recognize a kindred spirit and I definitely feel that with you and your product. Sorry for babbling here and taking up your time, but I wanted to express how pleased I am with your product. As I continue to put together my small studio in my home and showcase it, I’ll absolutely refer anyone I know looking to display LP’s to your site. Thanks again! Bruce

Thank You Bruce

Thank you very much! Bruce

Keep The Customers Happy

Man Cave full. This is HER living room… Nik

The Good Wife Sequel

Thanks again Gary, Will send you a pic of the result if the Mrs lets me get away with it :o) Regards Nik

The Good Wife

Wow, that’s quick, thanks! So I’ll be able to expose my led zep LP’s in my music room soon!! Laurent.

Exposing Led Zep

Good Morning Gary, I looked online and was interested in your product offering. I have to say, on a personal note, the video was also a genius marketing campaign and all but sealed a deal. Thank you in advance for your help, and making me smile early on a Monday morning. J. Bullard

Happy To Do It 8>)

Hello Gary, Thanks for contacting me so quickly, I appreciate it. Kind regards, Peter

Service With A Smile

Thanks a bunch! Ron

There is a Story Behind This

Got the frame today, and it is GREAT! Thanks so much. Greg

We Think So Too!

Gary, I’ve ordered several of your wonderful frames, actually even received an order today; however, I have also just received a 10 Inch picture disk that I want to add to my display. I would appreciate any suggestions from you before I consider other options since I am aware of the excellent quality of your frames. Thanks, J. Barrett

We Don’t Make This Up

Awesome! Greg

Says It All

Thanks for the quick response. Roger

It What’s We Do

Many thanks Gary! I am sure to order more. I have tons of classic vinyl to display and these look great!! John

Our Kind of Guy!

Excellent! Thank you very much for the fantastic service. Stefan


You are so cool! I’m so excited, but, its our wonderful daughter that’s the Beatles fan. I’m going to spruce up her office – She’s a professional photographer, and this will be the perfect surprise. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Devra

My Kids Don’t Think So

Thank you, Gary! Many thanks for your excellent customer service!! Mark

We’re Not Tired Of This

Gary, thanks a lot. I’m working on a man cave and have to display more albums. Dave

What A Man Has To Do

Hi Gary! I just wanted to send you another heartfelt thank you regarding the wonderful framed Thomas Edison Picture Disc you sent me. I have been closely allied to the recording industry for most of my entire life, studying recording history and starting a collection of old records while still in high school in the 1950’s. I then became a recording artist, arranger, songwriter, and music producer myself starting in the 1960’s: Along with my own framed records and music memorabilia, I have an interesting collection of Edison Cylinder Phonographs. The wonderful Thomas Edison Picture Disc has perfectly complimented my collection! I know it’s many months later, but I just wanted to let you know how valuable and appropriate this historic item has been in my life. With all best regards, Richard George

Thank You Richard

Hi Gary: Thank you so much for my order. I am so excited about your frames. The are perfect. Also, the covers are great too!! What great picks!! I will be placing another order with you next week. Thanks so much! Rose F. PS: I HAD THAT JACKSON 5 ALBUM!! YOU MADE MY DAY!!

Not Like Clint Eastwood

Hi Gary, Just want to say thank you for getting the frames to me so fast! They look great and I have already received so many compliments. I am sure I will be ordering in the future. Renee


Hi Gary, We have previously ordered your LP frames for our cafe (Big Beat) here in Auckland NZ. Can I order another box (10?). Hope all is good up there. Regards Sean J

This Is Dedication

Excellent! Thank you very much for the fantastic service. Have a great week. Stefan O.

One Word Is Enough

I just wanted to let you know I did get the album frames and we love them. David R.

We Love the Same Thing!

Dear Gary, My name is Alesandra and I am a graphic design student from Central Saint Martins university in London. First of all I would like to thank you for serving me as inspiration and a very good source to gather information for the project that I am currently working on. I am exploring how the creation of mp3, even though it is extremely popular, has not overthrown the vinyl and record shops are now emerging as trendy and hip places. I have read and watched a few of your interviews and found them very interesting and now I am writing to know if it would be possible for me to ask you a few questions and opinions regarding album artwork and your thoughts about the current situation of vinyl. The outcome of my project is a publication which will be printed out and exhibited in my final show at the end of April at the university. It would be magnificent if I could have a few of your words and thoughts on the subject as part of my publication; like a little interview. Just in case you wanted to know a bit more about who I am and what my project consists on, I am attaching a link to my online research page where I have been recording my process along this project. (under the title of Unit Seven) Thank you so much for your help! Kind Regards, Alesandra

Internet Power

Hi Gary – I just got back from the local twice-annual record show and sale here in Winnipeg and since ALL the family made vinyl purchases, I’m in need of some more album frames. I’ve been super happy with your service in the past and am really excited to display my recent finds – they made a great birthday present to myself!!! Thanks! Joanne S.

A Very Vinyl Family

Hi Gary, Hope you are well, I bought some Comic Book Frames from you last year and have been really happy with them and have been considering purchasing some more. There are very few options that I can find based here in the UK for decent frames. Mike

UK Comic Book Happiness

Hi Gary, Just to let you know how beautiful your frames looks!! I had some friends over last night and they were quite impressed with the results. I will be interested in placing a much larger order with you once I go through my boxes and make an inventory of all of my discs. I have been a special education teacher in Toronto for more than 34 years and I have been contemplating opening up a record gallery when I retire. Your frames are certainly encouraging me to think seriously about doing this. Anyway, my students are coming back in from recess, but I really wanted to drop you a line to tell you how beautiful the frames are and how happy I am!! Mitch

Picture Disc Motivation

Hi Gary. So we got mom your record frames and she absolutely loves them. Thank you. Think we can make a deal on 29 more? Rob

Deal for Mom

Thank you for the email Gary. And thanks for your products! Tim

Thanks For The Thanks!

Thank you for such excellent customer service! Annette

Never Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Got our Album Frames today. Very nice! Thanks, Bill

Happy To Know!

Your frames look awesome – just what I was looking for. Best, Chris

Love Hearing This!

Hi: We’re redoing the wall of albums to have more wall space! I will be ordering some more frames. Gwen

Gwen Again-Thanks!

Hey! Got the frames in record time they worked great!!!!! I attached a picture. I was going to post the Playbill frames on Facebook didn’t want to do it unless I got the OK from you. Have a good one! Gwen

New Playbill Frame

Hey Gary, Received the frames, etc. yesterday for the Album Cover Special you have. Thanks so much and really nice job on the cover selections. I laughed out loud when I saw the K-Tel compilation cover. Brought back some great memories. I got to explain the whole thing to my kids. Thanks again, Tim

Album Cover Special Response

Hi Gary, I now have my framed albums on the wall; and that wall makes me very happy. Debbie

Hang Your Happiness

In the past several years since I placed my first order I have told many MANY people about your album cover frames [I have several in my office, so they get lots of Ohhhhhhhhhhhs and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhs] and hopefully you got some business! Thanks for your personal touch to business, Lynn T.

What It’s All About!

I have purchased two of your album frames in the past and have been very pleased with the product. I am expanding my display with more of your frames. Thank you for your frames and service. Ernie K.

Repeat Yourself..Please

Hi thats brilliant news thank you i look forward to receiving the frames. Super service thanks once again. Bernie

Brilliant Service

Thanks Gary I had my kids get me 35 album frames for Christmas and I think they look great!I really like my basement now. I posted a picture on Facebook. Thanks for great service and product. If you are ever in Amarillo look us up so you can see our cool display! Thanks again Barry

Cool Kids

Hi Gary, Frames look good,thanks mate. All the best for the new year! Geoff F.

From Hawaii to Australia

Thanks, Gary, for giving me the opportunity to represent and sell your Rock Art frames in Hawaii. I hope that we can distribute your product around the Hawaiian islands, where we have many musicians and music fans, who cherish vintage rock music here in paradise !! Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much) ~ David

Maybe Need a Business Trip!

I wanted to thank you so much. My husband loved his comic frames. The frame even fit the giant sized X-Men. Also thank you for you’re awesome customer service. Because of that, you have a return customer. I attached a pic of the comic in the frame. Merry Christmas! April

Comic Book Husband

Great news Gary,my niece said you should expect my order every year because she still has over half of her room to finish and she LOVES your frames! Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Jeanette

Aunt Santa

Great! Thank you for the status e-mail. Glad to hear it will be here for Christmas! Thanks for the great service! Dustin

In the St. Nick of Time

Gift Message: ———————— ….returning customer…this time my goats pulled the frames off the fence and ate the mats and part of the cardboard off the lps…. tom

Bad Goats…Good Taste

Gift Message: ———————— Getting another set of frames for the hubby’s office. He really loves your frames. Thanks so much! Angela

Wife’s Gift Message

Thank you very much for the fast service. It is a Christmas present, with our new 35 album frames we have some fun to look forward to! Can’t wait to have our display ready for everyone to see! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I will send pics. Teri H.

What We Do

Got it! Excellent LP cover selection! Very happy with the order. Ed

Our Album Cover Special

That’s great Gary. Thanks for the update. I’ll let you know when received to say thanks again. Regards Grant London, England

And The Result Was..

Hi Gary, Looking to sell your Album frames in Australia, can you offer me wholesale or discounted pricing? Also what would be shipping costs to Melbourne Australia? Look forward to your reply. Best Regards Colin Drever

Wanted in Australia

My Dad gave me one of your comic book frames. I really like it. I am actually working on opening a comic book store, in which case I would love to sell them there. I will make sure to keep in touch with you on how the store is coming along. Thanks! Ben B.

Smart Dad

Thanks Gary I love these frames! Hope all is well for you and yours out there,doing fine here. Lou

Internet Friends

Thank you for your prompt service! Logan

Only Kind We Have

Thanks Gary, It’s birthday and holiday season again – my friend requested more autographed album covers in your frames. I’m happy to comply. Best, Avory

And So Are We!

Wow! Thank you! I love these album frames! Denise D.

Just Doing Our Job!

Hi Gary, Thank you for addressing all of my questions I have a clear understanding now of how it will look and I think it will be perfect. I have had such a hard time trying to find anyone who can supply me with a product, you are a godsend! Once again many thanks for your assistance. Anna D. Canada

Happy To Help Our Neighbors

I absolutely love the first 10 I hung up. They look great on the wall and make me happy when I see them! Katherine W.

Your Happiness Is Ours

Good customer service is almost a lost art. Now that I can see how these frames actually work, I must compliment you on their design. Very cool! My discs look great in them. Thanks again! I plan to recommend you to my friends and I hope to do more business with you in the future. Be well, Phil W.

Something Worth Repeating

Thanks again for a great product and for great customer service. I will recommend you to my friends. Mark C.

Better Than A Google Ad

I’ll be getting another dozen album frames for Christmas! Angela

Thinking Ahead

Aloha ~ I’m a repeat customer … love your frames !!! David

Aloha Hawaii

That’s excellent news, thank you!! Pietro

We Try

Gary, Brilliant and thank you again. Mark

UK Thinks Brilliant

Hi Gary: That is Excellent! Thank you very much! My Best, Dan


Wow! Thank you! Denise

It’s A Long Story…

Gary, Good afternoon from an overcast UK. Quite simply, you’ve made a middle aged man very happy. Can’t thank you enough. They’re brilliant. I’m so excited. Mark

I Love The Internet!

Thank you for this great product! Can’t wait to hang my Red Skull series comics! Clinton L.

We Missed These

Received the frames. They work perfectly Thank you! Amanda C.

We Like Perfect

Dear Gary I insist on thanking you for your generous and warm help, and send you my best regards from Madrid, Miguel

Madrid…The Sequel

Hi Gary, We are so looking forward to getting our albums framed and up on our walls, our friends here in Australia are so happy with your frames, they look fantastic! Bernie M.

Australian Friends

Hi Gary That’s great and thanks for sticking to the task. Thanks for your help. Regards Mike

When Time Is Pressing

Dear Gary, I must say that the record album frames are wonderful, and are exactly what I was looking for. I am currently preparing a small exhibition project for a cultural center in Madrid, where I will show different artwork created by Spanish experimental musicians in the last three decades. It is a beautiful initiative, and after this first show I hope to prepare more of the same kind, expanding the number of exhibited records (and therefore needing many more album frames!). Miguel �lvarez-Fern�ndez

Madrid Honor

I thank you for your quick and friendly customer service. R. Prior

Oh No, We Thank You!

Hi Gary, Blimey – I just wanted to frame the first six albums I ever bought and have them on my office wall! Unfortunately your frames are ideal! Thanks for your personal interest in this. I can see by your testimonials you take a pride in your products and your customers. Cheers Steve

Our First “Blimey”!

Hi Gary; I really appreciate your kind customer service! Regards, Abdiel G.

We Like Your Kind

Gary, The album frames arrived today – thank you for such prompt and professional service. I think you have a great product and the service couldn’t have been better. Best, John

Not Tired of This

Thank you for your quick response and thanks for the great attitude! Tena

It’s How We Do Things

Thanks Gary, Thanks for your help, your frames have had a nice home in my place for several years and really help add colour and character to the place. These new ones will make things even brighter! Cheers, ~M

The Colourful UK

Hi Gary, We have received many compliments on our LP album “art exhibit” for which I thank you and your fine product. You can be sure I will send people your way should they want to create a similar arrangement. Thank you for your attention in providing an excellent product coupled with the most personalized customer service I have received when shopping on the internet! M. Theberge

Sorry Target

Hi Gary – I received the frames today. Thank you, the album covers look great! Ryan


Hello Gary, These frames are great!I gave a couple to a buddy of mine for Christmas and kept a couple for myself. We both liked them so much, I’m ordering a couple more, so we each can have a grouping of three to hang up in our houses. They look really good with the pic discs and I like that you can swap out the discs easily. I have quite a few really cool pic discs and now I can display them and swap them out from time to time. Thanks for a great product! Frank

This Is A Frank Comment

Gary, There is a radio talk show in Dallas, and I was just flipping around on my car radio, and this guy was talking about your frames. All he said was,”the frames they use at Smithsonian”…so,I googled that, and wah lah!…found you. How’s that for random? M. Whitmore

Random Talk of Dallas Radio!

Thanks Gary,today I recieved your frames,are amazig!!finally my masterpieces will have the right exposure. A big ciao from the eternal town. Sincerely Alessio

From Rome As Received

Gary, We really like them and will be ordering more. Hope you have a happy new year. Thanks, Jeanette

Off To A Good Start!

Hi Gary The albums arrived in ‘record’ time and we now have them all on the wall – looking fantastic! Thanks again for your prompt attention and excellent service. We are telling all our friends about you and encouraging them to get their old albums out for a trip down memory lane and to put them on their walls in your great frames! Kind regards Jan & Russ L.

This Could Be You

Hi Gary. I received the frames today & the finished product looks fantastic. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Jackie

A Fantastic Comment

Hey Gary, Giving another autographed album for Christmas this year; your frames make them perfect. Best, Avory

Perfect The Second Time

My husband loves your frames. I am probably going to get ten more Comic Book Frames for Father’s Day and his birthday! They are up in his man cave. The first ten house Daredevil 1-10 silver age. 🙂

A Good Wife

Dear Gary. Received yesterday’s shipment today. Very happy. Happy holidays to you. Kathy Owner 3 Rock Art Picture Show Frames

To The Point

Thank you for the quick turnaround! We look forward to displaying our album covers. The plan is to rotate them. We have been collecting from the 60’s through the 80’s and the art and design on most covers need wall time. Thank you. Maria

Some Wall Time

Gary, thank you for everything. You will be hearing from me again I promise. Lou

In A Good Way

Hi Gary, My order arrived today and everything was perfect. This makes 35 LP frames that I have purchased from you total through the years. I’m in the process of turning my spare bedroom into a music room from the 60’s. These frames are the best and I want to thank you for coming up with idea for these. My LP’s look great in your frame……By any chance do you have any business cards? I know a lot of people who collect records and I would like to hand those out for you…..If you do, please send me as many as you can. Thanks for everything Gary. Rick Scruggs

35 LP Frames

Ok — so, what I really want to say is Thank You! I’ve attached a picture — they look *much* better in real life, but the pic provides a sense of it. The frames are great and made the whole process a breeze. I was blown away by your customer service. Your product rocks, your customer service rocks. Thank you. Best, Steve


Gary, Just to let you know that I’ve received the frames and they are in absolutely perfect condition! Thank you again for restoring my faith that outstanding customer service still exists. Thank you again Mark

UK Has Faith

Thank you very much for sending out a replacement so soon and free of charge. This will definitely help me to make a purchase of another of your products with peace of mind. Thanks again for taking care of your customers so well. Sean

Not Often Breaks Happen

I’ve had no luck with other frames supposedly meant for LP framing (from Target, etc). I stumbled upon your site and was impressed by all the quotes and feedback. I’m a music industry professional as well. I love these frames. Thanks, Josh

Right on Target

Hi Gary The frames arrived in Belgium safe and sound, they look great, already framed two of them (a signed Judas Priest and Iron Maiden 😉 Best regards Thomas

It’s a Small World After All!

I have not been reselling nor gifting your Comic Book Frames, all 100 of them are going on my walls! (It is a pretty big room.) I will actually need about fifty to sixty more…but that is in the future as I am still hanging the frames. I look forward to “bragging” about my walls. They look great! Respectfully, Stephan

Here’s a Collector!!

Hi Gary, I’m buying these to join several frames that I bought back in 2000, I still love the quality and ease of use! Thanks! Ben

12 Years Later!

Thanks for the quick shipping, and great communication. (10:20 at night? Wow!) Best, L. Lehman

Two In One Day!

Hi Gary Thanks for the fast replies and handling. Best regards Thomas

We Try

Hey Gary, Thanks for wonderful customer service – it is a dying art. Cheers, Eric

Old School

Hi Gary, It is always with heart in mouth when you purchase anything through the web so thanks for following through with everything. Goods arrived yesterday and will be in place at Big Beat before the weekend. We will be back for more! Regards Sean Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Heart in Mouth

WE LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re going to place another order for 20 more! Thank you – fantastic product.

Makes Our Day!

Gary – Severe research on the web shows your product to be the best value from what I have seen ( a lot of really over-priced stuff out there!). I’ll be getting back to you soon with an order soon. Thanks! Kurt

Research We Trust!

Thank you. I looked at a bunch of album display frames and liked yours because we can see both sides of the album and easily swap out albums. T. Phipps

Did Her Homework!

Hi Gary, I just received the 2 Rock Art Picture Show Record Album Frames I recently ordered. Love the look of these frames and really appreciate the simplicity! Ordered these for my teenage son’s room and think he will really be pleased. Thanks so much, G.Sharp

Sharp Mom

Thanks. You are an art picture rock star. Steve Studio 216 Art and Music Gallery

All Time Favorite?

Thanks for the fast action. Can’t wait to hang the frames. Best, Sean

Here’s Why We Ship Quick

Thanks Gary! The frames arrived on Friday in perfect condition…great customer service as usual. William

Third Order

Thank you! Great customer service!! Have a great day, Oriana Canada

Improving International Relations!

Hi Gary, I received my order this past week and everything is great! I am now interested in purchasing approximately 18 more comic book frames. Thank you very much! Jesse

Thanks To YOU!

Thanks Gary. Great doing business with you. Bryan

The Honor is Mine!

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I got the frames and they look great! Very nice job and nice product. Thanks again! If I need more frames I know where to turn to. Kyle

Right Turn

Gary, I must say that I was absolutely THRILLED to have discovered your product! As an avid collector of both classic rock LP’s and vintage STAR WARS comic books, your frames are the PERFECT solution for showcasing both of these art-forms in all their magnificent glory. The frames are classy, modern, easy-to-use and come highly-recommended for the music/comic collector interested in displaying his/her personal treasures in an eye-catching fashion. Thanks for the EXCELLENT customer service and of course for the WONDERFUL frames! May The Force Be With You! Ronnie Jimenez EMI Music

We Didn’t Write This!

Thanks Gary. Great doing business with you. Bryan

Same To You!

Hi Gary, I received my order this past week and everything is great! I am now interested in purchasing approximately 18 more comic book frames. I noticed you give improved pricing for orders of 4 or more. Can you do any better if I were to buy 18 or 20? Thank you very much! Jesse

Let’s Make A Deal

Hi Gary, I received the frame today, it looks awesome! Thanks for the great customer service. Ryan

Everyone Counts!

Hi Gary~ Just received your album frames I ordered! They are fantastic! Also, wanted to let you know that your personal customer service is great. It’s so nice to be in touch with a “real person” who loves what he is doing. Your enthusiasm comes through and you obviously care about your customers. Keep doing what you are doing! Lisa L.

This Is Fantastic!

Hi Gary, thank you very much for the superb comic frames. It is very rare that you order something and it turns out to look just how you imagined it straight out of the box! I’m quite surprised that you don’t have an online seller here in the UK is that correct? For such a quality product, I’d of thought you would do. Best Regards, Shane McGrath

UK Says OK

Thank you very much Gary! We are building out a new floor in NYC and naming the conference rooms after different artists (for example, four rooms in a row are George, Paul, Ringo, and John). Each room will have an album cover instead of a traditional, boring nameplate. We’ll be using your frames to identify the meeting rooms! Thank you for your great service and quick shipment. Stuart Goldberg | Director, Facilities & Office Services SiriusXm New York, New York

We’re Sirius

Gary I recently purchased 10 of your album frames (very satisfied with them) and would like to purchase an additional 25. Could you please advise me the cost and also what the shipping cost would be to Washington State. Thanks Regards, K. Lohnes

Why We’re 14 Years Old

Gary, My buddy’s parents gave me seven of your LP frames for Christmas and they look superb up on the wall leading down to my rec room. Once the wall is filled in, I’ll send you a photo. Best wishes for the New Year! Jason

Our Kind Of Buddy

Got my frame!! Right in time for the holidays!! It is a very clever invention. Thank you. Happy New Year! Renee

Clever Comment

This is my second order,I love the first frame I purchased. A. Wylie Ontario, Canada

Canadian In Love

Hi Gary, Just wanted to say thank you for getting my order to me so quickly, especially with the busy holiday season. Your site talks about your great customer service and it is very true 🙂 Thanks a lot! Sandy

Backing It Up!

Gary, Thank You. It’s refreshing to deal with a company that puts its passion for their products first. Kind Regards Alan

Thank You Alan, We Appreciate That

Hi Gary, I just received my frames about 20 minutes ago and they are fab! Elvis never looked so good as he does on my wall! Thank you so, so much! The frames are brilliant and the speed that I received them at was amazing! All the way from California to me in Dublin in a week – fantastic! You provide great service! Thank you so much and I’m sure I’ll be ordering many more items from you in the future and hopefully so will some of my friends. Best wishes, Lisa.

This Is How Elvis Looks In Dublin

Gary, The frames that I previously purchased look as good as the day they arrived. Thanks, V. Barnhart

After All These Years

Dear Gary; Thank you for my wonderful order I couldn’t be happier. Marina P.

Simply To The Point

Gary, The frames are perfect, what a great product. There is only one problem with them, and that’s deciding which albums to frame. We may need a few hundred more, and a non rental wall on which to hang them. There’s no pleasing some people. Thanks again for such an easy and pleasant transaction. Bec

There’s No Pleasing Some People

Hi Gary, I just recently purchased 4 comic book frames from you on line. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love them…First they were so easy to frame my books went up in minutes. Second the look, they look great, much better than some others I bought a while ago. Third, the price was very affordable. Some framing places wanted over $100 just for one book. Not gonna happen on my budget! I am now sold completely on your frames Gary. Thanks so much. Sincerely Tom Hamelin

This Is Why We’re Here

Gary, This order will be the third dozen I have purchased – they have really made the room look great – thanks for your great product! All the best, Tim

Here’s What A Preservationist Said

Gary: Great. By the way, the frames are really fantastic! Thanks, Rob

This Is Exactly What He Said

I look forward to getting your great looking album frames and hanging them in the new man cave. I have spent a small fortune on it with theatre, bar, pool table, pin ball and had one big wall I didn’t know what to do with, then I found about 100 old albums that were in storage, saw your web site and it just made sense. I will try and send a picture once I have them up. Thanks Robert

Doin’ The Man Cave Right!

Hi Gary, I am looking forward to taking delivery of my frames,some of my records have been in storage for over 30 years so it’s like being reunited with old friends. Kind Regards Alan (From England)

Hanging Our Old Friends

Hi Gary, I got three of the frames earlier this year for our 3 “western” comic books. Later I found some Disney, Lassie and others so figured they should get equal billing. The comic books are from the early 1950’s. Thanks for the no-hassle framing! Marilyn

Simply Preserving History

From: “Sabotproductions” To: “Rock Art Picture Show” Hello Gary, We received our sample frames a few days ago and enjoy them very much. I was wondering if you have a deal on a bulk order of each of them? Thank you for your help,

Music Company Honor

From: “Melanie Lambert” To: “Gary Freiberg” Thanks Gary can’t wait for my new order! I appreciate the note…you guys are awesome as always. Mel

She Did It Twice!

From: “elizabeth j” To: “RockArtPictureShow” Hey, wanted to let you know that I just got my order in today; and I have to say, I couldn’t be more pleased. Working with you guys was great, and I’m really happy about getting the frames shipped in their individual boxes as well. I had to throw a piece into a frame as soon as I opened the box, these are going to turn out great! Thanks again. Elizabeth

Gotta Read This One!

From: “SC” To: “Rock Art Picture Show” Hi Gary, Everything just arrived and looks wonderful …. Thank you again for such great service. I’ll be contacting you again in the near future. Diana

Wonderful News

From: “Josh Hudson” To: “RockArtPictureShow” Thanks Gary. I’ve received the frames and mounted my comic books.�I’m very impressed with the look.� I’ll be sure to recommend your product to my local comic book shop.� Thanks. Josh

No Joshing

Great stuff, Gary, unbelievably fast shipping. Keep up the good work! Jesse

We’ll Keep Trying

From: “Sahara” To: “RockArtPictureShow” Hi Gary, I got my frames and they are PERFECT. So easy to deal with. I hope to order some more once I get better organized with what(else)I want to display. Thanks again! Sahara

Perfect Feedback

Hey, wanted to let you know that I just got my order in today; and I have to say, I couldn’t be more pleased. Working with you guys was great, and I’m really happy about getting the frames shipped in their individual boxes as well. I had to throw a piece into a frame as soon as I opened the box, and these turn out great! Thanks again. Elizabeth

We Don’t Make This Stuff Up!

Awesome product at a great price. Thanks! Marcy Sutherland

Awesome Comment

Hi Gary, Just wanted to give you a FYI that my customer loves the album covers. So, we are going to order 30 more. I will place my order as soon as I finish this. Thank you for all your help, Barbara Cindea NBC Designs

Designers Choice

Great stuff, Gary, unbelievably fast shipping. Keep up the good work! Jesse

Will Do!

Hi Gary; Thank you for the quick response. You DO offer a quality product at a very good price and with excellent customer service. Again, thank you! Regards, Barbara Frandsen

Makes Us Proud, Seriously

Thanks Gary– I appreciate both the fine product, and the personal service!!!! Best, David

This is Gratified

Thanks Gary This is great Kind Regards Kathryn

Simple Pleasure

Hi Gary, My wife loved the picture disc frames I gave her for Valentines Day. We just got them up, painting is finished! Thank You Very Much, D.Druar

Husband Scores

Hi Gary, Thank you so much for calling me, correcting my mistake, and getting the order shipped. My husband will be very happy to hang some of his album covers – and to change them easily. Amy Haworth

Why We’re Specialists

Dear Gary. I just received in the mail the 4 comic book frames I ordered. I only bought 4 because I wanted to try them out first. I followed the instructions and put a comic in. It’s easy to do and looks fantastic. Your comic book display frame passed my test with flying colors. I’m ordering more of these. Thanks a lot. Ruben

Oh no, thank you!

Got them! Your frames work great! Dennis

Bottom Line

Gary, Thank you so much! I am very excited to display some of my comics. My brother told me about your comic frames and I am anxious to put some of mine on the wall. Jason

What Brother’s Are For

Gary Your album frames are just GREAT. My wife is looking around the house and seeing where else we can hang more…so another order will be forthcoming, jut not sure if 4 more or 10 more yet. You are a very nice guy. Rob Bookman

Wife And I Agree!

Awesome! And thank you for the quick response! Shannon

Short And To The Point

Thanks for the great service, can’t wait to receive the frames! Nick

And He Was Happy Later

Hey Gary, Thank you, man…that’s great! You are a pleasure to do business with! I appreciate it… Jay David Original Drummer Dr. Hook’s Medicine Band

Dr. Hook’s Drummer

Thanks so much Gary! I hope never to see the day when a musician’s latest sonic vision is relegated to a stripped down, sans 2D artwork accompaniment, mouse click of a download. Yikes, disconcerting, disappointing for me as a fan and more so I’m certain for the artists and musicians to see the industry headed in just that direction. � I truly thank YOU for stirring folks like me, by way of your wonderful business to display this beautiful art and art-form! Take care, Andrea

Preserving The Art Form

Hi, Gary. The frames arrived last Thursday. I love them. The packaging was excellent. The frames are easy to use and, when I put an album cover in the frame I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. I’m getting them setup on the wall. T. Feisler

Couldn’t Have Said It Better

Gary, We received our order on Monday. Thank you so much, and we so appreciate the personal Internet attention. M. Meyer

Never Gets Old

Thank you Gary, you rock!! C. Geary


Thank you so much Gary. I will also pass along my experience about what a great place this was. Cindy

Aw Shucks

Dear Gary: Thank you for the recent shipment of album frames. We were excited to get them! Thanks again, Chairperson Downers Grove North High School – Fine Arts Department

Way To Show ‘Em

Hi Gary, I received the package and all looks great. I loved the album covers from the album cover special, my son should be pleased with all of them. Its all I can do to not let him open this until XMAS !! I cant wait to see his reaction. He has only been collecting albums over the last few years so I know that his collection is growing and this is a great way for him to put everything up on his walls. I am sure that he will be ordering more. Thanks again, Cindy

Cindy Is A Good Mom!

Received the frames on Thursday. Thanks for the personal service! Judy

Just Doing Our Job

Thanks Gary, You certainly have an amazing product. Best wishes for Chrissy to you and your family, hope Santa is kind to you. Regards Daniel

Down Under Santa

Hi Gary! Excellent customer service and shipping speed as usual. I opened my Picture Disc frames this weekend and they look fantastic! Merry Christmas! David

Ho Ho Ho

Thanks Gary, looking forward to adding to my display. You certainly have an amazing product. Best wishes for Chrissy to you and your family, hope Santa is kind to you. Regards Daniel

Australian Repeat

Wow, this is one of the best experience I have had ordering online. Thanks so much for the support. I am sure that when my son sees the album frames he will want to order many more. I will definitely pass along the info and the experience with your organization. Thanks again, Cindy

She Said Wow!

Gary, We received our order on Monday. Thank you so much, and we so appreciate the personal Internet attention. I’ll pass your wishes on to Dan after Christmas! Maureen Meyer

Surprise Christmas Gift

Hi Gary… I bought a dozen of your frames, must be around 10-15 years ago in San Luis Obispo, California to frame my old surf albums and the other day our chocolate lab knocked one off the wall with his tail and it broke. Received the replacement frame today and my album wall collection is back to its’ old self! Thanks… love your product! All the Best, Mike

12 Years Later

HI Gary.. I have just placed an order for 4 more vinyl album frames – my partner loves them and he was only asking the other day if I could get any more for him!!! Look forward to receiving them Regards Maxine United Kingdom

Partner Love

Hey Gary, The first 12 album frames looked so great that we had to get 12 more. It was a tough decision on which LP covers didn’t make the cut. Man cave is looking good. Thanks for a great product! Tim

From The Man Cave

Hello Gary, A couple or 3 or 4 years back, I ordered some of your album cover frames. They sat around for a while until I fixed up the area where I intended to put them. They look great, and my husband was (reluctantly) impressed. I say reluctantly because he’s the music guy and had a hard time believing I found the perfect thing for his covers. High Five to you for that. =] Rachelle Stults

Reluctant Husband

Gary, Thanks so much. Sorry for the mix up with the address and credit card. You have great customer service! I will definitely be ordering more. Have a great week, Matt

A Little Mixed Up

Thank You Gary…my album wall looks tremendous! Val Valerie Lenes

New Yorker

Hello Gary Thank you for the album frames they look very nice on my daughters wall and fit perfectly for her vinyl albums ;D Both me and her will definitely let our friends know about this. And also thank you so much for the gift that you sent with my order it was very nice 😉 Sincerely Krist�n R�gnvaldsd�ttir (Iceland) P.s im sorry im writing this so late but better late than never right ;D

From Iceland

Hi Gary – These are absolutely perfect. Thanks so much! I appreciate the great service. Anne

A. O’Leary – Not Leery

Hi Gary, I got 10 LP frames as a birthday present for my son (22), and he loves them! Lorraine McCarthy

A Happy Mom

Hi Gary — Yes, frames were really nice. They worked so well and easily that I just had to get a few more. Best, Ron

Had To Do It

Thanks for the prompt attention Gary. Keep up the good work! Gerardo

Will Do!

Thanks Gary. We enjoy your product and your service. Excelsior! John D Hazard

JD Hazard

Thank you Gary. Great service. AnnMarie

AnnMarie M.

Hi Gary, I am a drummer and I’m excited to receiving more of your album frames, they are awesome! Cheers, James

J. Einarson

Thanks’ I have them today. Looking good, very pleased. Regards, Mark J.Mark Johnstone Acres Road Kingussie Inverness-shire PH21 1LA

From the UK

Hi Gary; I received the product, very fast shipping and the covers look amazing on my wall. Thank you very much! David

D. Bernal

This is John from Cambridge, MD and I wanted to give you thanks for a reasonably priced product, and how beautiful the framed records look on my walls. Now you are going to cost me more money as I will have to buy more of my favorite vinyl and frame them. I’m not complaining! I am so pleased and tickled pink! Sincerely, John Pace


Thank you for responding so quickly and accurately. I appreciate it! Jaime

J. Dix

Perfect, my husband is returning from military duty – he is going to be so surprised! I already mapped out the grid on the wall 🙂 Thank you so much for your service. Tschuss, Vicki


Good morning, Just last week I received my order of 8 comic book frames and honestly I couldn’t be happier about the result. I only just now realized I could use a few more. I’m just wondering if you could give me a shipping estimate for 2 frames to Quebec city. Thank you for your time. Guillaume Brunet

G. Brunet/Canada

Hello from Croatia, This time it took a little longer but eventually the frames did arrive safely to Croatia and some of them are already hanging on my appartement-walls :). Thank You Gary for the excellent selection of album-covers. I really appretiate it very much. What a nice suprise. You really made a first class choice :). We hope You are all well. Until the next shipment many greetings from Croatia. Annemarie and Mirsad


Your frames look great in my rock bar! Thank you! Dirce


Hello Gary ! I well received the frames, They are absolutely fantastic ! I hung 4 of them on the wall (for the moment) and they give such a very nice look to my store !! I will send you pictures if you want Thanks again, I’d like to order 10 7″ picture disc frames and 10 picture sleeve frames Shall I place an order as I did last time ? Thanks !!

Foret (France)

Gary, I have to say, you have wonderful customer service, and my boyfriend absolutely loved the frames. They look so awesome in our living room, and he kept saying that this was “the best birthday present ever.” Thanks again! Rose Wilson

Rose W.

I ordered this Beach Boy set for my father, I believe he is the biggest Beach Boys fan to have ever lived. He recently lost his wife so I was trying to find something to put a smile on his face. The Beach Boys are who he and I danced to at my wedding so thank you so much!!! I know this gift is exciting for him to receive, thank you for making it possible! Leslie

Leslie Walters

Hi Gary, the frames arrived yesterday – I tried one out and it looks great! Now I just have to keep them under wraps until my husband’s birthday! 🙂 Thanks for such prompt shipping!! Hilary

Hilary B.

love the frames!! easy to do! thank you, Gina

Gina T.

Thank you for the Abbey Road album cover. (Purchased Album Cover Special) I have already put it in one of your frames and it is on my wall. It looks great. I will send you some photos in the next few weeks. Thanks again for a great product. Glenn

G. Dempsey

The album frames TOTALLY RULE. Thank you very much and I’m sure more orders are to come! All the best, Paul

Paul K.

I received 6 of your frames for Christmas – these frames are probably the most amazing product ever…I’m not even exaggerating! Clay

Clay Pacelli

I’m a Grammy Nominated Artist who has toured for 30 years and played on over 50 Album’s CD’s etc. ( Anyway, it’s Christmas night and my wife just gave me four of your frames as presents…these are GREAT…. …These are just EXCELLENT…We’ll probably get a bunch more (do you do endorsements??…LOL) I’d like to add a link to you on my website if that’s ok…Check my site out and get back to me when you can..Thanks so much and Happy Holidays. Bobby Messano

Bobby Messano

Gary, I received the frames today & they are even better than I thought. They are going to make great gifts! Thanks Chip


Gary: I just wanted to tell you that my husband LOVES his new “album art”!! This product is amazing!! It exceeded my expectations and the wall in his bathroom looks great! They were so easy to assemble and it will be so cool to be able to change out the “artwork” whenever we want. Am definitely recommending this product to anyone I know who might still have albums stored away. I am so happy that I happened upon you on the Internet! Thanks again!

F. Drumm

I think the frame is great and I can see why this product is so popular and well respected. It looks sharp hanging in our wall – much better than the $10 album frame we had from Target. Thank you!

John Harvey

Gary, Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the frames I purchased from your company! Thanks again! Cliff

Cliff Freeman

Gary, Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the top quality album frames you sent. Hands down the best I have ever seen. You can bet we’ll be getting more as soon as I paint a few more walls in my place 🙂 The packaging was incredible and the time put in to pack them in so securely was awesome! The albums stand out so great in these displays and really make them pop. Thanks again, looking forward to buy more in the near future. Hernan

Hernan Marquez

Hi Gary; Just Finished our Exhibit…Thanks for everything – the Frames Look Great! I’m sure we’ll be ordering more. Michael Lipton, Director

West Virginia Music Hall of Fame

Hi Gary, The frames arrived about a week ago but I’ve been away from home and didn’t have a chance to look at them till this weekend. They are great! Exactly what I needed. LPs look fantastic in them. I’m having a fun day putting them up on the wall today. I’m now making a theme wall with some of my favourite portrait sleeves. I love the fact that I can change to another theme one day if I feel like it. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I appreciate the careful packing too, all of the frames arrived unharmed. Best regards Pia Eklin Helsinki, Finland

Pia Elkin

The replacement frames arrived yesterday. The box looked like FedEx had run it over but the contents were fine. Thank you for taking care of the problem. Your album frames look great on the wall in my office. Best, Clif

Clif Cable

Thanks, Gary Thanks for your consideration and quick reply. I look forward to receiving my order! The best, Wayne

Wayne Ledford

Hi Gary – appreciate it, I love your product 🙂 Best, ~jot

Jaap T.

Hello Gary, Thanks a lot for your quick and courteous reply! The shipping estimate sounded very reasonable considering the great geographical distance,just let me know if you need any further info or approvals for the credit card payment. Best regards Pia Helsinki

Pia Elkin

I�m very happy with the quality of your product. Thank You! Ashley

Ashley Thornton

That is very nice of you. Thank you so much! Alissa

Alissa Allen

Thanks! Love the frames! 🙂 Helen


Thank u so much, u guys are awesome! Theresa

Theresa E.

Gary, You are a champion!! Thanks Ross (Australia)

Ross Flemons

Hello, Thank You for your prompt reply, I have just ordered 7” picture frame as you suggested. I hope delivery to Croatia will not take much time. Thanks for your kindness, Darko

Darko Juradin

Thanks so much for your help. I received my order and the picture disk frame looks great. I have a really fantastic Pink Floyd-Piper at the Gates of Dawn picture disc and I’m so happy to finally be able to display it. THANK YOU! Ashley

A. Sulock

Gary, Thank you for taking time yesterday and today to discuss our albums and the potential use of your wonderful frames. I am confirming our agreement to purchase 144 Rock Art Picture Show Record Album Frames. You have our permission to bill our credit card for the Frames and for the Shipping charges via Fedex. I will get back to you with a larger order as soon as I can. Thanks for the wonderful Frames & Please ship these to us ASAP! If there is any problem with our card, just call me on my cell phone. Ralph B.

Ralph B.

hi, I recieved the 3 album frames, they look great, thanks

Justin O.

Great! Thanks so much! We appreciate you keeping us informed…great customer service 🙂

Stephanie Carter

Hi, Just thought I’d drop a line and say that I couldn’t be more pleased with these frames. Thanks very much, I’ll definitely be returning to you guys in the future! -Matt Roberts-

Matt Roberts

Thank you again for your obvious dedication to making sure your customers are happy, it’s admirable and very appreciated.

Paul K.

Wow! Thank you for emailing me. I appreciate your interest in my music preferences.{For Album Cover Special} Any album covers that would fit well into a classic rock collection would be very appreciated. Thank you, Kenneth


Thanks for the great customer service, I never get this kind of attention online. Daniel

Daniel K.

Gary, My frames arrived today and they are AWESOME! What a great product. Already calculating how many more albums I can get up on the recroom wall without going overboard! Thanks and continued success to you. Excellent customer service! All the best, Steve

Steve S.

Hi, I received my album frames and we love them, we have many albums and will rotate them around. I’ve been wanting some “art” for the house and I’m glad I found these. Thanks, Candice

Candice H.

Many thanks for your excellent service

Miriam S.

My wife ordered me these frames for my comic books and I think that they are great. What is the best rate that you can offer me if I ordered an additional 20 comic book frames? Thank you!

E. Mogavero

I know he will love the Album Cover Special! Thanks for taking the time to make it personal for him! I will recommend your service to a lot of our friends!

C. Schurbon

Thank you for your response. Great product and will remain a customer. J. Kresse

J. Kresse

As I mentioned awhile back, our pressing plant recently was renovated (we are one of three vinyl LP pressing plants in the country!), as we had quite a few very important clients come and visit (label people, artists, etc.) and one of the stand out elements is the vinyl record frames now proudly displayed on all hallways. Now when the Nashville Tour Bus stops by each day with loads of tourists visting our plant, these frames are getting a lot of daily viewing now. Best regards, Spyder – General Manager

URP Music Distributors

Thanks for the prompt response.

W. Witsell

Gary, I bought 50 frames a little while back and used nearly all to decorate my office with beloved albums from 60’s and 70’s. My patients have enjoyed them so much many have asked where to get the frames… hopefully you have or will have some business coming your way from the northeast. I’m planning another order for myself in the near future as soon as I go through the next few hundred archived albums in my basement. Now I see you have comic frames!!!!!! I ‘m afraid to drag out those boxes. Wishing you continued success with your products,

G. Markovits DDS

Excellent. Thanks.

William Roberts – London England

Wonderful – thank you so much! We got our first order of Comic Book Frames, immediatly put them up and decided we needed more ASAP 🙂 Thanks again, Sara

Sara J.

Hi Gary, Just got the frames today and they look great. Looking forward to selling these. Kind Regards,

Magnus (Owner-Retail Store-Norway)

Looks great.


Hey Gary – If you ever find yourself in Mendocino County, drop by and you’ll see your frame mounted with “Are You Experienced” (Canadian version) in it. I’ll send it to you via email so you will have a live-example of where your fine product ends up. Great idea there Gary. Thanks,

Bruce M.

Thank you for the prompt response as promised on your site! These look like what I�ve been searching for, I�ll be back.

David Lloyd

Hi Gary – Everybody’s happy with your album frames. Thanks for response & service.


Hi Gary
It’s unbelievable!!! Thanks again for the exceptional customer service & wonderful product!! I’ve already hung up 2 of my “Monkees” albums. Thanks again !!


Hi Gary, Thank you for your thorough follow up. Your integrity is appreciated.


I just want to say thanks for the great service (upon which you pride yourselves). I’m sure I’ll repeat my business sometime in the future and I’ll tell my friends about you too. Thanks for all you do for music and art.

Brett Johnson
March 19, 2009

Received the order. The frames look great. I will be ordering more in the future…

Scott D. Smith
NSF-ISR – Environmental Auditor
March 04, 2009

Hi- I got my order today, and really like the frames. Much better than the ones I’ve tried with the stupid press clips!

Thanks! Jodi Otto
March 03, 2009

Mr. Freiberg, I wanted to let you know I received the order this morning. You are the man! The frame is sweet and the album from your Vinyl Gallery even sweeter! One of my all time favorite covers. Really glad I stumbled upon your site. Extremely impressed. I have quite a few albums I would like to display and I am certain I know where I am getting my frames. Thanks again. Your products and service are excellent. Thank you, sir.

Scott Bird
VP/Equity Loan Officer – Bank of America
February 27, 2009

Gary, These things are great, this is my 3rd order!

Eric Schmidt
February 20, 2009

That’s great Gary….this is a gift for my Dad. We got him a few of your album frames for Christmas to put all his old Beatles records in and he loved them so much we’re buying him more….

February 14, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I received my LP frames yesterday. I already put my albums in the 4 frames that I purchased and I have to say that I am extremely impressed with your product. It is far superior to any other frames out there. Easy to use and looks slick. My only disappointment – that I’ve wasted money in the past on other frames. Now I know and I will definitely be buying more. Also, I found your service and communication very personable and shipping time was super quick. Thanks for a great overall experience.

Shannon Carlton
February 11, 2009

Hi Gary,
Just thought I’d show you some of the picture discs I’ve put in your frames. They ARE the best and easiest way to display your picture discs! I just sent in my THIRD order for more!

Todd Austin
February 10, 2009

Gary – It was great to talk to you yesterday. There is much to be said about working with a real person… Thanks so much for all of your help! You have made my day!!! 🙂

Take Care,
February 7, 2009

Hi Gary
Just so you know, we’ve remodeled our pressing plant and have now included your frames on the walls of URP. The Nashville tours who visit our building every day will now see your frames. Thanks.

Best regards,
General Manager
URP Music Distributors (Florida Office)
January 22,2009

Gary; My husband loves the album frames I purchased from you earlier, so I also purchased one each for our three sons. They are all big LP album collectors, so they were excited to get the frames. My husband has his displayed in his studio and gets many compliments on them. It’s fun to change out the albums and show off favorite covers. Hope you have a happy and prosperous new year!

Sandy Fagan
January 5,2009

Gary, Thank you for the personal follow up on my order. It did arrive on time and it was a big hit with my daughter and son in law as they’re just starting to decorate their new home in NJ.

Thank you for the great service,
John Bonner
December 29, 2008

Thank you for your excellent customer service… as usual 🙂 Have a great new year!

December 29th, 2008

Gary – Everything arrived – Many Thanks – LOOKS GREAT!!!

Dean A. Deyo
Memphis Music Foundation
431 South Main Street – Suite 201
Memphis, TN 38103
901.527.1029 – Ext. *819
[email protected]
December 26th, 2008

Got the frames, they’re great… giving them all as Christmas presents so I’ll be ordering more for me.

David Goldstein
December 24, 2008

December 24, 2008 Thanks Gary, and thank you for your email. I appreciate the personal touch – that goes a long way. Happy Holidays, Frank Rook

Hi Gary, Got the frame! The album looks great in it, and I know the recipient will be extremely pleased.

Thank you so much for your timely response and excellent customer service. I will not hesitate to order from you in the future.

Merry Christmas,
Rita Gould
December 23, 2008

Thank you for your attention. Good customer service!

Ronna Cullen Doyle
December 23, 2008

Hi Gary,
Thank you so much! It�s personal service like this that gets customers back and gets your business name spread around. We appreciate all you did to help us!

Happy Holidays and Happy 2009!
December 19, 2008

Wow, now that is service! Thanks – my husband is going to be psyched!

Kelly Blair
December 17, 2008

Gary – Thank you the frames arrived today. They look good. I can’t wait to display my comic books.

Happy Holiday,
December 12, 2008

Gary, You went above and beyond with the packaging to ensure that the frame arrived in perfect condition! Your customer service is outstanding, and I won�t hesitate to refer and promote your product to anyone who will listen.

In appreciation,
Melissa Lally
Personnel Directions, Inc.
December 12, 2008

Thanks for the personal attention. It is nice to have real people in the world of internet shopping.

Happy holidays
Lynette Roush
December 7, 2008

Dear Gary; I thought I’d ask you first, as I’ve ordered from you before and I’ve always been happy with the products! Thanks for your help. I wanted to check with you first, ’cause I’d like to order from you…I’ll check with some framing shops as you suggested. I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again in the future.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
Paula 🙂
December 5, 2008

I owned six album frames from Restoration Hardward. I like yours much better. It makes the album cover look more like the art it is. I will order a few more from you after the holiday bills have been paid.

P. Schmitt
December 3, 2008

Hi Gary. Just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for a terrific product. Great picks as well! (Album Cover Special) Dark Side of the Moon, Rush Moving Pictures, and Joe Jackson Night and Day are the first 3 on the wall. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again!

November 27, 2008

Hello Gary,
I received the package and wow, it ROCKS!!!!!! The frame definitely exceeded my expectations!!!! Going to surf your site now to see what else you’ve got!!

Thank you for a GREAT product!
November 19, 2008

Hi Gary;
Thank you for doing your best. I will certainly recommend your company!

Thanks again,
Best wishes
November 5, 2008

Now that’s good customer service! Thank you for that! (Album Cover Special choices)

November 4, 2008

Just superb, thank you much.

W. Arenson
Austin, TX
October 22, 2008

Hey Gary; Wow – I’m a happy customer. I’ll send you a picture when my display is complete. Sixteen Beatles LP’s displayed in chronological order. With most being imports from UKunder the EMI label.

October 15, 2008

Hi Gary ~ The frames have arrived! The display is everything I hoped it would be. The frames look great and I will definitely shop from RockArtPictureShow again should the occasion arise.

Best regards,
Leslie Patrick
October 1, 2008

That was very fast Gary, thank you. I really appreciate your customer service, it’s the best and I’m sure that serves your company very well. Customer service is everything.

September 26, 2008

Thanks for the frames, got them today… They were fantastic! Had to put up my first exhibition straight away. 🙂

Yours, Sebastian Bj�rklund
September 03, 2008

Hi Gary, I just got the first three Led Zep albums from your Vinyl Gallery and they look ridiculous!! (He means good!) Thanks so much for the speedy shipping. I just placed an order for four more albums.

Thanks again,
Adam Schaefer
August 26, 2008

Hi Gary, Many thanks for your detailed reply as I can appreciate you must be very busy and this is great customer service. Once Again many thanks for all your help, look forward to my items.

R. Harley
Gold Coast Queensland Australia
August 19, 2008

Gary Received the Picture Disc Frame and 6 LP frames – Look really good.

Thanks Peter
August 6, 2008

THANKS Gary !! Just arrived home and the frames are great…..thanks again for the fine service, and I’m sure I’ll be making another order in the future…Everyone just loves the frames…Excellent….

July 30, 2008

Hi Gary – that was fast! I love the 3 frame Album Cover Special package! You really hit the spot with the classic album covers you sent. I never expected the likes of Yellow Submarine or Imagine or Who’s Next! The frames are solid and easy to load, just as described! You made my day!

Thanks again.
July 10, 2008

Gary; Thanks for combining my last order with this new one and saving me some money. Cool. It’s a solid product.

July 10, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam
I have placed an order for 20 frames, for my own personal use. My biggest dilemma will be, which albums to choose out of the 100’s to frame !!!! Good thing is, at least i can change them when i wish to !! What a brilliant idea !

United Kingdom
July 4, 2008

Gary: Thank you for taking the time via phone to explain your fine line of Album Frames. It was a pleasure talking with you, and I look forward to my order.

Larry Clark
June 26, 2008

Hi Gary, Thanks for the follow-up and the great service. The frames are great and I’ll be adding a few more Picture Discs to my collection so you’ll see more orders in the future.

Thanks again,
Steve Sauer
June 26, 2008

Hi, Gary! I am finishing up framing the albums for our booksale, and they look SOOOO fabulous, I want to order more. Our collections of Hawaiiana this year is outrageous, and they look great in your frames. Is it possible to get 50 more to me ASAP? I’ll also try calling you even though it’s Sunday just to make sure you get my “beg” for more frames! Thanks so much!

Byrde Cestare, Executive Director
Friends of the Library of Hawaii
June 22, 2008

Gary, Haha great! I picked up the frames today and they are fabulous! Very sleek! Thanks again!

June 13, 2008

I received my first order yesterday-the frames are great! The have such a great look to them. So I just ordered 8 more!. Any chance I can get them for $14.85? I have a feeling once our friends see them up on the wall they’re going to want to order them too 🙂

June 13, 2008

Hi Gary; Sorry it has taken me so long to say thank you for this latest collection of cool and special album art. But it seems like you are really starting to piss my wife off. Your album displays are taking over her house. I only have 2 autographed albums to hang so I will have to start going through my 250 albums I have left after my wife put them in the garage sales she used to have. So here are a couple of pictures of what you have done to her home. Thanks again

Gary Jackson
June 6, 2008

Hey Gary, I picked up the Pink Floyd album yesterday that I purchased from your “Vinyl Gallery”�and it�s awesome!! It completely goes with my original dark side of the moon.

A. Schaefer
May 7, 2008

Hi Gary; I just received my order of two Comic Book Frames. I really like them. Please send me 8 more!

Thank you,
Leo J.
Wells Fargo Bank
San Francisco, California
May 6, 2008

I received my Comic Book Frame order today. I immediately put one comic in and I think it looks great. I may need to look at some of those album frames too!

Thank you very much
May 5, 2008

Hi Gary, The box arrived yesterday. Even though I got home at 10:30PM, I couldn’t wait to open it. I like the covers you selected for my Album Cover Special! Thanks so much for the personal service.

May 2, 2008

Hey Gary, The Beatle albums from your Vinyl Gallery are great as well as the album frames themselves. Thanks for a great product.

Best Regards,
May 2, 2008

HEY THERE! Loving your frames! I bought 5 more tonight and thought again and added five more. Please combine the order if you can! Thanks so much.

L. Bjorkman
April 26, 2008

Dear Gary, I wanted you to know that I received my order today. The display looks and works great!

Thank you for your fine service.
April 7, 2008

I received my album frames today! Wow! Everything from delivery speed, packaging, instructions, product, and the addition of cleaning supplies was all above excellent. “Rubber Soul” was the first album in, and I’m teary-eyed. I am creating this album wall for my teenage son as a surprise. He will be blown away. When ordering items on-line one has a low expectation of quality. I have had my fair share of disappointments. Thanks to you and your employees for superior service and product.

April 2, 2008

Hi Gary,
Just wanted to let you know I received the six frames and they look great. Thanks for the quick response and I will definitely be recommending to family and friends.

March 28, 2008

Hello, I received the frames the other day. I just love them!

Thank you
March 27, 2008

Your quality of customer service really shines. I am very happy with the sleek look of the frame, you guys did a very innovative job with the design.

Adam Schaefer
March 7, 2008

Hi Gary,
I received my order today (03/03/08), I’ve already hung the frame and it looks great! I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Chuck Woellert
Cincinnati, OH
March 3, 2008

Hi Gary – my wife Teresa ordered some frames for my comics. They were great. I would like to get some more. Do you have larger discounts for orders of 10 or more frames?

Thanks! Tomer
February 28, 2008

Hey, thanks again; the Comic Book frames look great. I will be ordering 4 more here in the near future.

R. Juarez
TERMINIX, Bakersfield
Branch Manager
February 23, 2008The Rock Art Picture Show Record Album Frame has received the following industry endorsements:

  • Chosen by the Smithsonianfor exhibit purposes
  • Offered at the GracelandRock �N Roll Hall of Fame
  • Featured on Home & Garden TV’sMission Organization
  • Best Exhibit” at the August 1999 Rhino Retrofest
  • Goldmine Magazine recommendsour frame to all their readers
  • Album frame of choicefor Vroom’s Official Catalog of Rock ‘n Roll
  • Subject of Los Angeles Timesarticle on “Vinyl as Art”

My wife Googled “Comic Book Frames” a while back and we finally got around to ordering. We have since also shared the site with several friends. I am sure you will see a few more orders. Overall, a great product… Thanks much Gary.

February 22, 2008

Just a quick email to let you know they all arrived (United Kingdom)fine yesterday. I want to thank you again for the brilliant service and everything. I hope I have more comics to frame in the future so I can deal with you again!

Best Regards,
February 20, 2008

Hi Gary,
My display looks so cool. Half of the wall is my favorite rock albums and we’re still trying to fill the other half with my husbands favorite motown greats. We’ve even thrown in some fun ones just for laughs like Paul Revere and the Raiders. I have had more 50 year old women shriek when they see that one, great memories… Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. It really makes the albums shine as the works of art that they are.

February 15, 2008

It has been a pleasure working with you, hopefully, I’ll be reordering, soon. Take care.

Debbie King
Visitor Services Coordinator
Lake County Discovery Museum
February 14, 2008